Bringing the "Options" button to the forefront

"Newb Enablers" series

Following several of my previous suggestions, the Options functionality has gained more relevance. Besides turning on/ off the sound effects, music, & camera shake, even alliance invitations & private messaging are suggested to be included there. Perhaps, it would be better to end this functionality’s exile in the remotest corner of the game & promote it to the very top—right alongside the notification buttons (forgive my crude attempt at drawing the button , it’s supposed to be a “Gear cog” icon ?). Here’s the image, as extended from my previous suggestion

(_ Note : I almost missed this functionality when I started playing the game. Under Community, after scrolling to external links such as Forum, Facebook & Twitter, I stopped. Since I don’t link to FB & Twitter, I proceeded no further as I thought the rest were external links too._)

Thanks. ☺️

Personal messages are really what this game lacks.

There are technical reasons why this can’t be added. It’s something they would probably like to add, but it would mean licensing or building from scratch a completely new messenger system, which would be a huge investment. 

The current OR messenger is already extremely custom (it’s the same basic applet RR2 uses) and pushing the limits of what it’s capable of. Global chat and private messaging is not currently available without ditching this software. 

To clarify, the Private Message functionality envisaged here is a hybrid of the player-specific"Invite" feature & the alliance-wide"Chat" feature. The program is a player-specific chat that can be accessed only by alliance members. Unlike Invitations, extra-alliance entities cannot send Private Messages to individual players (which could trigger clan-hopping & anarchy). 

The idea is great but there are technical reasons why it couldn’t be implemented. 

@AriesRising Good idea. Normally there are like this in many games. I don’t know why the options settings are hidden in the alliance feature with facebook and all. Weird