Broken Combo, Use If You Struggle In Raid

These three combo, when combined with proper gears and Ceres pal are all very very strong against most bases in top 500 rank…also the easiest combo to use right now imo…

A bonus is to have good heal ring in your setup…if not, just use insta monk…but with heal ring, you don’t even need insta haha…

Harder to get 100% if theres gate tower but % doesn’t matter outside of war…also equally good when switch knights with boosted paladin…

If you wanna beat top bases, use one of these combo…top 1 ? No problem…fully boosted base ? Piece of cake…Cromka’s base ? Oh sorry that one too strong…

In my attack history, I see only the same 4 spells with maybe 1-2 hammerstrike (another strong spell right now) and occasionally SR/Heal…firestorm pretty much dead, sonic kinda dead too…


Hey where did you get E and F slots? And Firestorm is a joke right now has very little damage on gate. With Flare making adjustments to game trying to balance things just throws it more out of whack in other areas. I think it has problems due to having skewed numbers on majority of things in game. 

Firestorm never was inteded to deal massive damage to the gate. It’s op Feature was it’s Usability against FB towers and LT Towers and like 99% of troops.

With the buffed BS with its ridiculous range firestorm was finally outshined. Not to forget its much better CD

Those slots unlock at certain hero level I think but only useable if purchased monthly, the pro subscription

i dont have heal ring,also i donate only 750k,so cant ask for monk as insta…but irmgard helps in such situation,same combo,but irmgard pal.

I’ve never once use Irmgard, cant say much about it

Very helpful, thanks Fii Nami!

Just one thing, this needs to be in Strategies, Guides, and Hints :grinning:  

its good against some top bases,irmgard removes the fire or toxic effects with its heal.

The heal aura ring is NOT a must have, but it’s highly recommended. If you don’t have that ring, get the kickback pro ring which is pretty good as well.

edit: however, without the heal ring you will definately need insta monks (1000k donation) as a safety net. They might not be needed in every raid, but it’s too risky without them.

Dead section

My lovely WOK

but i feel wok is not so good as pal/wolf/ogr

@Fii Nami how to use poison blizz sheild with WOK? 

That combo looks hard to control ?

I use it. 

Blizzard to kill wolves and skulls. But I try to Time blizzard with toxic when dealing with skulls so that heal towers can’t heal them up as much so that 2 blizzards will most often be enough to destroy them.

Bring all the blizz perk you can, for wave, howl beast and skull…make sure it two shot max howl beast (around 9k-10k damage)

Then the rest will be taken care by army…LT down to shadow unit created by Ceres…

Its easier to use than BS Blizz Shield tbh…Toxic basically just to delay wolf howl and skull bombs…all you gotta do is stay close to army, for healing and shiekd from LT…

Toxic also to kill ninja

Ofcourse, paladin better HP and more durable…but not everyone can keep paladin double boost all the time…many also dont have max level pro paladin boost…

Knight still do the job…but I dont like to use this combo, its too easy to win and in war hard to get 100%

Good thing is I don’t Really care about 100% anymore. 

Setting my goal to 99% and getting 100% makes it even more rewarding somehow ?


100% matter in war…at least 3x100% is needed…

I am Not saying I don’t get 100%, just that I don’t Care if I somehow end with 99%.

I always go for bases with only 1 or 0 gate towers anyway ?

can you beat omochi-san base with this combo? i’ve tried tc,shield, blizz/bs but his base I struggle with (no scroll / insta).

i’ve been able to beat some ohter top 10, but not omochi so far.

If you have surprise mummies then try Knight mummy wolf with blade, hammer sheild or blizz sonic sheild in war,  it is working well for me atm. 

Some people also use blade blizz sheild with kaiser and irmgard with this combo (irmgard is more effective though)