Broken Combo, Use If You Struggle In Raid

I havent try…hes alwayd online when I want to try…but I beat him with my main combo ? not consistent though

@Fourofjacks nvm I just beat Omochi first try, no scroll no insta…

I use wok in wars. Only way for me to make 100%

sonic poison shield

or even sonic hammer shield

But wok is not so awesome as it was before

about pals i understand now, clear.

didnt thibk about it.

alright, i don’t think i am doing that much wrong, but my heal ring is still under 60%, ogres and wolf not maxed so i might have a better time once upgraded.

In my alliance at least, few are yet to have everything to use this combo to beat the very top players.
i don’t think we buffing defense is a good idea to combat, given other combo’s will struggle more, but wonder if flare will do anything to this combo.

seems like if they take their time to do something, maybe a repeat of TC nerf, many lower players will spend a longer time trying to get this combo up and running - then to see it nerfed.

throwing my 2c in, maybe ogre / wolf need nerfing. the combo is strong. the constant stun of everything in defense is not the best for gameplay in my opinion. all low range tower, it doesn’t even matter what you put there, its just constantly stunned.

I still use firestorm(as BS isn’t fully forged) and I don’t feel any difficulty. I can clear top bases too. So if BS has been buffed then its not a problem. Fire is still strong. The old classic WOK and FBS is working smoothly almost everytime.(sometimes I replace my shield with sonic for gate towers). 

I use irmgard pal everytime except some gold raid.

@Fourofjacks my wolf and ogre also not max…but heal ring 100% with level 8 Ceres

Ogre Wolf always been OP since day 1 and never become useless…I dont think it is possible to nerf them but yeah they need a nerf…

ok maybe I will try again later, maybe my heal ring is just not high enough.

For me quite a few wolfs survive the u-turn, but my ogres do not fare so well. And the ones that survive are not healed enough by the the time beast comes around. I tried a few different ways through the mass skulls area, kick back as many as I can, alternate tc blizz to minimize damage, still doesn’t quite work.


Bomb kick aura can also work well if you use insta monks ?

i found on lower bases in 5k range, bomb kick and just shield is enough but not so much for the harder ones.
i am however not a fan of relying on insta’s, though monks as insta with ceres copying them has been suggested and I imagine it would work.

Not a huge issue, I’m only attacking the top guys for fun, I have no real need or reason to attack them, i’m probably already attacking higher than i should be.

New addition to the broken combo list! Theres some other variation to it but this one the best!!

Guarantee 100% in war and scroll free most time as well! Sadly my hammer is not forged and I have 0 hammer gear ? can’t use it at best potential


I have max hammer and it is forged 80+ times. It works only  to a certain extent. Maybe until 800 medal players. Bladestorm is still needed for players above 900 medals, especially those from the top 4 alliances.

Not, ypu dnt need blade to beat top players


Then maybe you should learn to use different spell ? people win bases with stun or heal in their combo these days…

Someone beat me using flute, shield, black magic while using war gear today, scroll free 99%…offense is too good right now…

I can too, against someone of 700+ medals.


Show me that you can do it without bladestorm, i.e. using hammerstrike, against bases like omochi, then I will believe you =p

This, only screenshot though @LacunaC

kudos to you, but does toxic help with 100% during war? do it with hammer and i will be more impressed =D



I would love to show you the raid with hammer but unfortunately like I said, my hammer is weak, low forge and I have no hammer gear either…but you mention before, to do it without blade only ? anyway even with hammer, in war, scroll free is possible…maybe not insta free though…I have seen the combo during this war, on my base, do very good 100% and scroll free 4 out of 6 raid…not as strong as omochi but still show its a viable combo and good for 100% (can one shot basilisk)

Heh I didn’t choose my words wisely then. But the rationale of replacing Bladestorm with hammer is to get 100% during war, like you said. However, don’t see how toxic cloud could help with that.


I know it works on certain bases. I just tried it on your base too =p (though I failed to get 100% even with hammer). But against higher players in VL, hammer still isn’t enough for me unfortunately =S


Btw,  I notice from your avatar that you are a Malaysian. I am a fellow Malaysian too. Cheers =)

@LacunaC Malaysian huh ? thats rare…I’ve known maybe 15 Malaysian who play this game since 4 years of playing…

well, from what i can see, top players bases are weaker against other spells now - due to them being changed so BS is not so strong against the base.
So even if you don’t ‘need’ blade to beat top players, we need blade to be strong to make the bases weaker!

I was born in johor , but left when i was small, wouldn’t really consider myself malaysian at this point.

also do not consider beating 700-800 medal players broken or overpowered, there are many more combo’s that can do that and that is fine.