Bronze League, why does nobody play?

I’ve always wondered why nobody plays the Bronze League. I mean, I understand that it’s only 25 gems for first, but it’s so much more than first, you move up to the next league to keep on fighting and getting more gems. I mean, just look at the picture below, lol, that’s just not what a league should be looking like with 50 minutes remaining

Partly because there’s too much stuff around like conquest, war, so most players aren’t really looking to raid outside these events because they’re probably tired and 25 gems is no great amount. Also players need not raid for gold, there are too many chests distributed as rewards and 1 free video chest provides ample gold to do daily donation. However I do agree on the fact that activity in general is on the decline :/.

i guess its a exception you have found. Happen maybe once a year. Each time I join Bronze league the number 1 do always 500-1000 or more. I finish always close 2-5 because a lots do over 1000. So you have found a really extreme rare case scenario here or my second theorie you have join a group of player who don’t care of league who don’t play at all RR2. We can say you have found a group of inactive players. its very very rare

Bronze league always look like this for me :


I’ve had it before where I was the only one in bronze league with over 1000 trophies.  Everyone else were newbies and since the game automatically puts you in a league but has no actual in-game instructions, I think many noobs end up either giving up or not understanding just what it is they have to do, so there are a lot of zeroes.  I had it one time where I was one of only 3 people in the GOLD league playing… Didn’t take much to win that one! ?

You have right. Something wrong happen. Not normal. Tempting to say RR2 is on end game. So its the result


Yep, can only confirm it. I also don’t often raid between the events.


After 5 years. People only play now during Events. Off events. I guess we all do the same. Connect and chat and log off. Nothing more

This is correct. Only time I ever play between events is if I want to move up a tier in the ninja event