Brotherhood challange, trust players who tagged videos with info.Speed up process pls.

It has passed near 6 months over BROTHERHOOD CHALLANGE. 

No rewards sent yet… 

There are 400 videos (said by CM)… 

Ok, but near 200 days passed… 

Most of us tagged our videos like this “hades zero death, %3,zeus…” etc. 

So you can trust us and i guess you can eleminate %80 of videos like this… And process would finish at last… 


More than 500!


It’s kinda sad to go through the contest thread and see all the players who have stopped playing since then.

Ive been logging in once a week waiting to get my rewards just to give them away. Sad to see my team of 2 years fall apart and most left the game. No need for those ***** gems now so u can keep mine fg. Dont waste the time to review my video

I am sorry that it is taking so long. I have just recently started in the company and got aware of this challenge about 1 month ago. But I am working on it. I know it is frustrating though. But I only have 2 hands and 2 eyes… :slightly_frowning_face:

Dear Madlen. I would be glad to help you. And some other forum users would also. 

Currently there are 65 challange videos uploaded to youtube. 

Need help? 

4 eyes and 4 hands ready :v:

Sorry, but I cannot accept your help, because you are not employed by our company and other players might not find it so great if another player checks the videos. ? But I appreciate your help!

Many thx for not employing me ???