Brothers in arms and bandits

A king has more obligations than simply conquer other castles. There are many enemies addition the other kings, keep castle is knowing fight these enemies. My idea is add new enemies, a kind of PvE too the dungeon, but when you get your the end, instead of the door of a castle, either barricade a bandit camp or a giant boss. Bandits: In the time that you are connected, you may attack them bandits, if this happens it will be reported that the bandits try to attack and may decide to attack them or talk to them and try to intimidate for them leave your lands. - If you decide to attack, the scene will be a tower defense game as always with a stage random fits our level (or our classification), which it will defend different types of bandits and end of the stage you have to destroy the barricade final of bandit camp while their archers attacking you from behind. If you win you will be rewarded with money and a temporary bonus to increase your leadership; but if you lose the bandits stolen a small amount of you money. - If you decide to talk to them, there are two possibilities: they accepted to leave peacefully your castle or not intimidated with your message and attack your farms with what they steal you food. Brothers in arms: We have friends, we have partnerships but, what we can do two kings together? Would be nice some implementations between mates as sending money, write letters, among other things. But I come to propose today is a incursada with a buddy (or more). Of course this battlefield will be longer and harder and therefore have more time to fulfill it and will not have PAUSE mode since we can not pause by our partner (even that might give pause and partner decides whether to pause and if both agree is paused, and so to leave the pause mode too). The difficulty of this is calculated by adding the level of kings and by subtracting half the level of the king the highest level. At the end of the battlefield instead of the door of a castle find a giant jefe we have to kill the two together and we have to be smart enough to move our king to dodge the opponents punches.