Bucky Beast Stats

May I point your attention to the Bucky Beast (Offense). It’s Shield-Spell is only half the Strength of the Pal … I would expect the Beast to be stronger than the Pal.

Yea make sense, the beast should have minimum the same amount


Well, Bucky gains a new damage ability on beast form, so having less shield kinda makes sense
The beast becomes more powerful than the pal, but on a more agressive way

Phoebe heals more than offensive Celestial Phoebe too. I think it’s just a way to balance the power of beasts that gain an extra ability

To add to what Darkerion said, the Bucky Beast form also gives a full new shield with every flap of the ears, whereas the pal only gives troops that shield every 10 seconds or so. So the shield strength is actually more like 10k or even 20k every 10 seconds whereas the pal gives out 4k

That’s interesting.

However, if you already have a full pal shield (4k), does a beast’s shield (2k) replaces that one?