bucky needs improvement

i want bucky top pal image.png bucky lv99.jpg

forgot to add ice and lightning damage and anything else

Yeah you forgot lots of things to add. 

  1. Lightening damage

  2. Blood drain

  3. Portal

  4. Armageddon

  5. Blunt damage

  6. Bladestorm 

  7. Thunderstorm 

  8. Flood 

  9. Tsunami 

404 error… more damage not  found 

Lol don’t make jokes here. That top bucky will be so top that even our top player can’t get it even giving their top most performance.

Too much top  ?

With a fire damage of 970 it will be probably not THAT overpowerd.  :wink:

You also forgot the ability to win a raid every 10 seconds.

Seriously though, they could make such a pal as an April Fools joke sometime. It’d be fun. :wink:

Hi bucky,

atm we do not plan changes to Bucky… I love how your favorite pal seems to be bucky, so you made bucky also your username. Bucky-ception :grinning: