Buff level 10 Pals

Level 10 is like the ultimate level of pals. Level 10 itself consumes more pal treats than level 1-9. It should have some special effect to justify its cost. Think about it, it costs 7500 gem for 20 pal chests, which gives about 35k food.


That means you need about 50k gem to get that level instantly if you want a level 10 pal. The additional stats just don’t justify the cost.


Many people are even sad now when they get pal treats from pro chests.


All these will change if level 10 pals are given some special secondary effect or buffs. People would treasure pal treats more and actually appreciate it when they get them from pro chests. Here are some ideas:-


Tammy - Apart from its healing, it constantly gives an equivalent of 20% healing aura effect like the heal aura ring.


Howl - The Howl guarantees fear like the frightening wolf effect


Bucky - The shield returns 20% damage to melee attackers


Phoebe - Opens a portal for 3 seconds where Blessing is cast


Aska - Summons ghost versions of the units which are immune to lightning


Eris - Increase its attack speed to 1.7 from 1.2


Kaiser - Additional 15% luck


Nidhogg - Ghost units that are “summoned” from its Black Magic are at full health


Eldrak - Firestorm range increased to 7 from 5.5


Archimedes - Has a 4.0 radius permanent “freeze aura” effect around the pal


Aki - Confused units cannot recover from confusion until they are attacked by the player raiding (Not counted if they are attacked by own defensive ally units)


Growl - Intimidated Units lose their boosts when they are in their frightened state (Is this hard to code?)


Irmgard - Knockback spell goes in all direction instead of just where the pal is facing


Bela - Has a separate ability range of 2.5 that also drains from buildings (The ability range against units remain separate and intact)




The suggested values for abilities are arbitrary to what I think is appropriate, and can easily be adjusted for balance purposes of course.




I think the last level is just for show, as it’s ridiculous to try and get all pets to level 10 (whereas most people max out their units and spells).

I have a level 10 and a few level 9 pets, it just means I’m not bothered with new pals that become available unless they complete change the dynamic of the game.

Kaiser is great for getting gold, useless in Ninja and war due to killing gate too easily.  Aska is great all around, and Tammy/Phoebe good if the goal is to stay alive (though Aska with insta-monk replaces these really).

Also, you can only equip one, so it’s really not worth getting them all to a high level.

I dont bother getting any of them to 10 the way it is now, atleast not until I’m completely sure I don’t wanna try use any other pal (level it to 9) and I happen to have crazy amounts if pal food spare. 

I got 3 level 9 pals and didnt buy a single chest and concidering the rather tiny 9-10 difference I don’tsee the ppint 

At first sight this sounds cool, on second sight not: Because i know what will happen:

Paying players will buy that last level, their offense will become overpowered, they will
whine in the forum that the game is too easy, offense will be nerfed for all players, not
only the paying ones, and the fun will be removed from the game for 99%± of players.

Remember the green disaster? :grinning:

This would be fine though, not changing offensive strength …

Better if they make a pet with luck bonus and work it same as kaiser has gold and maybe a xp pet