Buff uniques with basic perks

Self-explanatory, really. I don’t know if this has been suggested already, it seems so obvious that I would think it must have been, but it’s still an issue, so it bears repeating regardless.

Currently there’s a very weird imbalance in uniques, and there always has been. Those uniques with curse perks have those perks at around double the level you would receive from a regular cursed item built to bronze 5*. This makes them very powerful. Herc’s uniques, mirror shield, Athena’s Victory wings, all that good stuff.

On the other hand, the uniques with basic perks have them at a level that’s actually significantly below what you can get on a good-quality bronze 5* by forging. They’re pretty rubbish. Think Athena’s shield, Ajax’s armor, Artemis’ staff.

There’s no reason that I can see for this kind of imbalance to exist. Simple solution: buff the perks on uniques with base perks, perhaps by as much as 100%. This would bring their power roughly in line with the uniques that have curse perks. Not only would it make sense just on its own merits, it would probably also help promote variety.

The only sensible objection I can think of to this off the top of my head is Cadmus and Helen’s cooldown uniques, which occupy a special niche by letting you put cooldown directly in an otherwise inaccessible slot without refining, which in the case of these two heroes is rather useful. For Helen it’s less of a concern, but I will admit that Cadmus probably doesn’t need much of a buff.

Leaving only him out of the change would perhaps be too arbitrary, but even if you applied it to him I doubt it would break the game. Certainly it would be a small price to pay to make those other uniques properly useful.

P.S. Am I the only one who would like the devs to consider changing the perks on Helen and Jason’s unique cloaks?

Obviously an alternative approach would be to nerf all uniques with curse perks by half, but I think that would seriously risk causing uniques to become almost useless and irrelevant.

yeah be careful what you wish for bro they might do the nerf instead to balance that :sweat_smile:,
there’s not really unbalance here if we look closely, you can get special perk uniques on same item placements on a cursed item so those uniques have to be higher to become a bonus, like i might get lucky and get a Hercules demo claw so unique has to be higher to be sorta bonus, but i would never in any case get a stun boot for Ariadne or petrify shield for athena or cooldown vest for cadmus etc( i think!) , so the fact of them just exiting is considered a bonus maybe thus values are not in pervious example scales, just my own thoughts of this. but when developers made uniques cursed items didn’t exist, so i wonder why in first place the values were made different by a 100% scale

There is some logic to this, but I have two points to counter with:

  1. It doesn’t apply to all uniques with basic perks. For example the Artemis staff is just a weapon with stun, there’s nothing special about it at all. It’s a weapon with stun and it’s not even a good one.

  2. Even the ones with out-of-slot perks are largely useless. The perk values are so low that only a couple of them typically see any use. Why NOT buff them? Maybe people would actually put them on heroes instead of cursing whenever they come out of a box.

I think the imbalance is clear. The uniques with curse perks are typically much stronger, and this is reflected in how much people use them, and how many of them are among what are widely considered the “best uniques”.

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It does look cool though

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Yes, it looks cool, the color set is nice and that’s about it. As far as utility in the game goes it’s pretty much worthless. And it’s far from being the only such unique.

No but it’s the worst offender.

Thanks for the additional feedback on this. We have this up for discussion already, but I will add your thoughts to the discussion. We do recognise that Uniques are not as exciting as they should be.

Closing to free up votes.