Buffs (idea)

I was thinking why not adding buffs? Like a new building to find Buffers. Like extra damage,health,defense,ice,fire,toxic resistance. you can equpt 2! Is this a good idea

What you mean by"Like a new building to find Buffers"?

There is the shield, under which you got protection, there is battlecry in which you and your troops get extra damage (more speed and as consequence more damages)…I don’t understand the innovation you purpose…

well the buffs are for your king all the time when you equp it if you take off buff it doesn’t work

This kind of mechanism is actually already in the game:

Basically just switch between different weapons, armour or other items to switch between different kinds of buffs.

Personally, I see not much reason currently to add another item slot called “additional buff” that can be filled with another kind of item…