Bug Account??

Hi all

I’m having the following problem. When I am playing in automatic mode my invocations are activated without my permission and then my game simply stops and does not come back anymore. I have lost gems and trophies this way. in fact the game is very slow and with delays. 

Someone of u r having this kind of problem too? Btw I have iPhone 6S Plus and it’s not to an old device…

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@GalaMorganepleaae can u help me about this kind of issue??

Thank you

If you want an answer you will probably have to tag @CaptainMorgan.

And maybe it would be even better to open a support ticket.



This problem Still happening yet

Many thanks



please help Acmon7 in this bug before the war begin, or he will be kicked from the alliance if he didn’t get all chest.?

We have taken some time looking into this issue, but we can’t reproduce it, even with a copy of your account. Would you be able to make a video for us (and promise that you didn’t touch the invocation buttons)?

Thank you very much @CaptainMorgan. Yes I’ll make a video. 

Many thanks

Well i got the same problem lately. In autoplay mode, not all but in some of my battles, one invocation was activated automatically then the defending mode was activated too (the button that makes the battle slow down), sometimes the battle was paused. I thought its due to my device but now @Acmon7 got it as well (I use an iphone 6S). @CaptainMorgan please pay attention at this problem. Thanks!

Yes @TheSouth

Well I’ll try make video for sure. And what u said is true too. Game to slow and sometimes the game just pause too. Now I’m having a new issue. During the Battles the game just stop and then after 10 / 15 sec the game paused then it comes again able but during the Battle it happens 2/3 times. I have a iOS 6S top. Well that’s it… Thanks for your reply @TheSouth. Good to know this issue was not only with me…



Hey @Acmon7 @TheSouth, what’s the iOS version?



Mine is iOS 6S plus version 11.4



@Acmon7 since when are you experiencing that bug?

@Tomaxo i think 11.0.1 but its probably not bc of the ios version, i just got it lately, about 2 weeks.

@Acmon7 its not easy to make a video to show this problem. Because we cant record all the battle, it just happens sometimes ?

Well @Tomaxo around 2 months and a half… Yes agree with u @TheSouth… 

And the game version is 4.0.2, right?


We will still look into it, and the video will still be useful, however, at the moment we think it is most likely related to known issues with the 6s touchscreen, which Apple have yet to fix or provide support for. Here’s an example thread:


If it turns out to be this we will, unfortunately, be unable to do something, but in the meantime we will see what else we can do.

Do you have the issue with any other apps?