BUG After dragon appear - shield spell does not work



I noticed many times, during my dragon from pyromancer start flying  and spells are still active, I cast shield spell so the spell is used, dragon fly I could continue game but no shield spell is on my hereo ( but for new spell shiled I have to wait, during this one second dragon start fly I could not do anything but noone attack me for sure. )



Lots of dragon bugs around the animation. They should just simply remove the screen lock on the dragon.

I have also noticed this many times already. You push the shield spell and a fraction later the dragon appears and after the screen is normal again there is no shield.

It’s one of the core boosts in the game and they continue to ignore it.

Phoebe does also not cast Apocalypse after Dragon Animation. 

I’ve made topic about this bug like a few years ago… then shield did not come on troops either… they fixed it halfway and that’s it…

The shield spell doesn’t give your hero a shield if you cast the shield spell during the dragon animation. It seems to work on your army, but not totally sure if it shields your whole army, or if it just shields some of your troops within the spell range. @PaSte @FTB @GalaMorgane

Agree to remove that screen lock/freeze on dragon appearance, along with that king’s displacement. Quite disadvantaging, often make me miss my targets while throwing spells bcause of that hyperbolic dragon appear animation