BUG: Athena and minautorus

Athena: I am sure that medusa gaze of Perseus can’t freeze turrets but Athena spell can stun turrets. You can try it on hydra and the turret cannot hire anymore. 

Minautorus: I have checked that minautorus doesn’t have poison resistance even with blessing but pandoras box seems to deal less damage on blessed minautorus. It takes age to kill a minautorus. I think it’s longer than killing a hydra lv 7 with 26k health and 50% poison resistance. 

Another question, how often do you check the forum for player’s feedbacks?

You keep lot of features of the game as your secret and there is no way we can figure out such as “gain a shield”, “cause extra damage”. What is the percentage or specific number? Or we have to ask every time if we want to know? 

Hi Alex, 

We are currently looking into your first questions. 

Regarding Athena, her power clearly states “stun”, so it is intended it can stun even Hydra Towers. 

Regarding the stats, you can see on the card of the unit/power the additional damage or shield. 

For example, for the blessed Cyclops you can see the bonus provided by the shield if you check the blessing card. 

So to follow-up on this:

The blessed Minotaur has 40k HP and no poison resistance, whereas the Hydra has 26k HP and 50% poison resistance. 

However, Pandora’s Box ignores all units’ poison resistances, which explains why it is easier to kill a Hydra than a Minotaur. :grinning:

I am talking about the shield of warrior and cyclops without blessing. It’s not clearly stated. 

Athena can stun all “enemies” in range (including turrets???). Meanwhile, Perseus can petrify all enemy in range. However, Perseus cant petrify both turrets and medusa. When Hydra turrets " hit with a power, the snake can hide", is that not clear?

Where can I find the statement of the ignorance in the game? Please give me a screenshot.

It’s different with statement of extra damage like trebuchet, ring of fire, griffin jump which I can’t see clearly.

Hence, with 40k health and no poison weakness, minautorus is the strongest unit because of its 6 morale points. 

Hi Alex,

This is how the spell works, though it is not displayed in-game.

Also, do not forget the ice weakness of the Minotaur. :grinning:

All units have strengths and weaknesses, so you always have a way to counter them efficiently.