Bug - Can't launch game after Windows version 4.3.1 release

Hi everyone,

cool to have a fix bug for windows users but since the download update 4.3.1, i can’t lunch the game now ?

Crash all the time… Frustrating ?


(windows phone user)


Edit 03/11 11:30 PM (France) : I see that the download in microsoft store is ok, but the installation (when the game is opening) is not complete…and the game crah before restart installation…

conquest mode is over for me. Halloween event too. Chests daily too. Gem free too…??

Very good job. Will you compensate for this problem? Because, I did not got enough Pal Chests & Pal Foods for this problem.


Edit 05/11 10:07 AM (France) : I unistall the game yesterday and create a new account. Support FlareGames message to find my principal account. I hope that it can be ok before 12:00 AM…please Support Team… I miss my Festival, my Conquest, my free pal chests, my daily chests…and manu others things…


@Madlen, please, please, please…I need your help… i know that i don’t have the right to hightlight you, but please, can you “boost” the support for my account…if you can. Thanks a lot  for your possible help.


Hi @buttinette ,

sorry to hear that! I have moved this to the bug section so our game testers can see it.


Thanks you Madlen for your answer.

Actually, i have always the beginner account, but I hope that my request (130462) on support will be resolved more quickly…

Wait & See…

No action of support, no answer…very sad :slightly_frowning_face:  

Wait & See tomorrow. I hope that it will be OK soon.

Same situation today…I make a support raise…

I see that a next event will be online today…and the halloween event finish in 3h …PLEASE !!

Hi Buttinette,

I am very sorry that you are experiencing issues. :slightly_frowning_face: This is indeed a topic for the customer support. They are getting many tickets daily, but they are getting back to every ticket asap.

I am sorry to have to ask you for more patience.

Hello Madlen,

All i’ts OK for me ! YES !  :slight_smile:  I find it after the Halloween event… No damage… I had 48 diams for the event (not much), but the goal is to have my account :slight_smile:

Thank you for your following :grinning:

This post can be “closed” if not others players are in this current bug.


Closing this per OP request.