Bug dart tower pro

my alliance ONE PIECE143 did 31.000 points in this pro league but we received dart tower lvl2 and no lvl3 …please fix the bug

Hi Terrysasha,
Sorry to hear you are having trouble! Please contact our customer support for this. They will happily help you out with this! Thank you!
https://support.flaregames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (English)

yes contact them however it is not the first time that happens … you will solve in one or two days and we have to play with a boost that does not belong to us …

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16 hours have passed and we still have lvl2 hysteria, are 5100 trophies and do I have to play lvl2 hysteria in defense? already these pro leagues you are doing are impossible to play! now you do not even give me hope that I am entitled … always worse