BUG in anti cheat engine

Hello guys, I want to share this info about not perfect anti cheat engine. I’m doing this, because I don’t want to experience this situation again and I also don’t want anybody else who is playing fair to experience it in the future.

Here is what happened to me:
Last Saturday (2020/01/25) I was playing on PC last battle of ongoing event. Suddenly I got disconnected. At first I was thinking that the reason of this was just new version of game, because it happened to me few times before that week. But after game reconnected, message appeared with info, that my account was banned because I broke terms of service and I should contact support.
I wasn’t really happy about this, because I was not aware of doing anything wrong or anything different from what I was doing for years I’m playing this game. Right after that, I contacted support and two days later my account was unbanned, but I lost expired chests, I wasn’t able to play ninjas and event, I wasn’t able to use activated tokens and at the end I must spent gems to meltdown expiring chests from previous ninja event. But still I didn’t know why all of this happened. Answer from support was: “On your account, we can only see the code of the action taken by our automatic system. Usually, multi-account creation and playing in the Pro League from those multiple accounts is the root of the ban.”
But problem with this statement is that I didn’t cheat; I never ever created other account; never played another account; because I think one account is more than enough for me. So I really want to know what I did wrong to avoid this happening in future.
I can say that I’m using two devices for plying this game. During working week I’m playing on phone and when I’m off work then I’m playing mostly on PC. But I also know that many other players doing the same and they never had any problem. If this is not OK, let me know or just try to help me understand what to do or not do in order to avoid this happening in future again.

If you play the game for multiple years since almost when it started, this is something you really don’t want to happen to you. It can ruin your game experience.

Please take a look at this.

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I play the same account since years on Android, Iphone and Facebook. Never had any problems.

I play my one and only account via PC primarily, but when mobile, I play via my phone or tablet. So, hopefully that’s not a problem! I also play in PL … well, while it’s still here. Haven’t had an issue yet, but I suppose I may.

I’ve especially wondered about VPN. My mobile devices connect through a VPN over public wifi. That could make me look like I changed geographies much faster than possible if I play at home (Chicago) and then 20 min later log in from a mobile device using a California IP via VPN. Again, no problem yet … would like to keep it that way!

Hopefully you got an answer that helps us all, @Sakul333??

Every info is in my previous post. Hopefully it will never happen again; to me or to anybody else.