Hi. I am not sure if anyone else has ever had this issue; however, it has been 4th times happening to me. I have level 77 and left 2 places to clear on my defense. You know those trash area. Today I clicked over the field and it asked me to confirm the 10 gems in order to remove it. I was surprised because it was always 100 gems. I clicked and it removed 10 gems from my box. I had around 180 gems. It was 170 gems after cleaning. Then there was one left to remove and it said it would cost 12 gems. I was happy to see that and paid 12 gems and the game reset itself alone and when i was back to the game there was only 80 gems in my account. This happened 3 times already when i was lower level. So this bug is seriously annoying and i already lost around 400 gems due to unwilling removal. Anyone will return me at least my last 100 gems because if it is so, i prefer my defense with trash on. 

You should solve this bug to avoid other users to lose gems this way because not everyone buys gems with real money and it is hard to get gems. I paid for gems and i actually want my 100 gems back.  




This bug should be solved with the incoming version of the game, which should be released later this week.

in the meantime, please get in touch with the customer supportabout this issue.