Bug in conquest?

Just check the below gif

class=“ipsEmbeddedVideo” data-controller=“core.global.core.embeddedvideo” data-fileid=“16217”> <source src="VID-20180908-WA0002.mp4 (237 KB) type=“video/mp4”>

Not a bug. You can only move 4 tiles within neutral territory. From what I have seen, you tried to move 5 tiles

Then why 5th tile stayed lighted beyond that all went dark?

Probably a visibility bug.

Maybe the system shows it “lighted”, because your Watch Tower is there?

@Madlen need an official answer…players are helping but they too aren’t sure.


our testers are reading this section, they will get back to you asap. Thank you for your post.

Hey guys, you’re absolutely right. You can only move 4 tiles and the 5th shouldn’t be highlighted. We are aware of the issue with the movement preview and added it to our database. :grinning: