Bug in game

Please note that there is a bug in game, I can win from my tent without reach to the gate, check my video and try to solve this problem.

My video

IGN: sindbad_x

even many in my alliance have had the same problem. castle goes down again not reached neither by the troops nor by the hero. bug?

I think you got the Pro Item Horkos Hands with translocation chance ?

… your troup are teleported infected to the gate and then they change back and attack the gate.

 Its not a bug its a feature :grinning:




fantastic!!! all very simple !! my troops confused with the dart pro become enemies, who must be transported to the castle with item pro used by the hero, who once arrived to the troop gets confused back to normal and begins to knock down the door. which obviously takes place before the hero reaches the castle. door goes down much earlier and result of the battle much lower ??

Well done. The issue is pretty obvious from watching your video.

The Horkos gloves are translocating your confused troops to the castle gate.

If Flare can block confused troops from being translocated, this issue is fixed.

When? We continue to have problem

Hi sindbad,

We will look into it :grinning:

I do not feel it as a bug, i know that and fight differently. In this game you have to constantly change when fighting, that's nothing special ...


nice raid :wink: