Bug in Survival Cup?

I completed level I but got 2 crowns so I thought maybe I missed something.

Retried the same level and destroyed everything but still got 2 crowns , does anyone having the same problem.

Try once more. do not give up

Tried it once more got 3 crowns ,I may have missed the damn spikes twice in a row :slight_smile:, wasted around 2.5 minutes.

Everyone needs to watch out for those damn spike strips.Almost missed another one on level V .

As there is no blunt damage troop or spell ,these strip take some time and in a hurry one might move ahead with around 2-3 % of their health left and loosing points.


was just going to say that you probably missed spikes since no troops or spells can do damage to spikes.

To help deal with spikes, use the bela pal (it does blunt damage) or attack the spikes when screaming with your king (it has hero scream attack rate). Or, if you’re like, get a zombie ogre to do it for you.

If you’re running out of time, just run past them (especially on the later levels). They are mostly a time-waster, especially frost traps.

Bug binds pro. he gives me two and I’m sure I destroyed everything. even after having redone the same stage I always have two crowns. that is, it made me waste a lot of time

This pro league is a total BS, very hard difficulty and higher demands for pro chests, and as always you can score 0,000 points to get pro chest, the same as someone who scored 1204 points… where is logic??. I understand that this is a contest but a situation where completing 8 maps with 3 crowns(8/12, 75% of all maps) are still ONE Pro chest is ridiculous!

So far no one made enough points to get 10 chests, even the guy who is first now and he already has huge amount of points. In theory you can win Pro League and still have only 7 chests which means that the best player dont get the best reward…  Test pro league thoroughly  before letting people play it and change demands for acquiring pro chests so more people can benefit from it, not just the first 200 people from more than 10.000 .

No, there is no bug at all, you just cant see that you didnt destroyed spikes because map is full of frosters and firemancers and only you can destroy it…

possible. but it happened several times. and not just me. we have to redo to get a full score. this prevents all stages from ending in time

^ multiply my answer several times then. As i said before- this pro league is very difficult/demanding/annoying for not only you

Wow! People complain when proleague is to too easy, they complain when it is too hard. Will you ever be happy? My guess is no. So stop complaining and just play the game.

but have you read what I wrote? never said it was difficult, but only that it gave me two crowns even after having killed everything

ma hai letto ciò che ho scritto? mai detto che fosse difficile, ma solo che mi ha dato due corone anche dopo aver ucciso tutto

You obviously missed a spike like oPelle said.  You just have to decide between 99% and moving forward in challenges or waste time getting 100% and not being able to try all 12 challenges.

im not complaining for fun nor doing it every other day, pro league isnt balanced well, they made changes to it recently didnt you noticed it? If difficulty is changing from week to week so much and tiers demands too, its clear to me that PRO has some issues. You ca agree with me or not, i dont personally care.

The logic is that it’s not just a matter of how many chests you get, it’s also a matter of how good your chests are.

Better tier = more and better chests

On the lowest tiers chances are you’re only going to get pet food and a few pearls from the chests. At higher tiers there’s a better chance to get tickets, pro items and crystals per chest.

if its true- and i dont believe in it- then its even worse :wink:

Well, you should believe it, because it’s true. It has been stated in the official Pro League FAQ.

You should believe it. It’s absolutely true.



Because of the problem of level 1, I did not get my points and left without 2 chests. At the first level, I did everything right, but received 2 crowns and lost points for this. This problem is also with my friends in the alliance.