Bug in the conquest

In-game name: _SbabbiuS_

Hi, in my ally we had a problem that I’ll explain. If you watch the video that I’m sending, you’ll notice that:

Min 00:15=we are 7 players in the war but the 7th disappeared(in fact he can’t fight) 

Min 00:33= we can’t see the numbers of trophies of the player “tower guard” (he doesn’t exist in the other ally) 

Min 00:45= now “tower guard” belong to our ally, it seems that I fought against my ally… 

Min 1:26= there isn’t the skull chest… 

Can you explain me what happened?? ?

P. S i have also the video in high resolution if you want… And excuse me if my English is incorrect ??



Unsung Heros has a similar bug to what is mentioned above by Paolo.  There was a battle at our tower at z38.  Instead of our forces winning the battle, a new battle was begun with only the “tower guard” being recognized but the two opponents still present and fighting.  The other three Unsung Heros members, including Wm_the_Conqueror, are not recognized and cannot fight.  Are we really going to lose this tower to a bug?  Was a server upgrade really necessary mid Conquest?

Add a second battle a similar problem.  One battle ended at w38 and another battle immediately started with the same 4 opponents from the Japan alliance (I don’t have Japanese symbols so I cannot write their alliance name) even though our player beat four opponents from the Japan alliance.  Our alliance is Unsung Heros, player involved from our alliance is Santeedad, happened at w38.  We are losing towers and battles because we now have 5 of our top players tied up in battles that they won, but the opponents were not sent back to their bases and a second battle was automatically started.  The battle at z38 will not let our players fight, the battle at w38 does allow Santeedad to fight again but why?

Same  :c can’t move and can’t attack ?

Same with us too…   Both participants in the fight are named Tower Guard and our member can’t attack…  In short, he’s stuck there.

If you need more info, let me know. 



Same thing is happening with our alliance. Members who move there are able to battle, but we have 4 stuck and unable to do anything. We are at risk of losing our best tower and the overall conquest because of this bug.

Same here. W36

we’ve also had the tower guard vs. tower guard problem - twice now.


…and when going there to attack it gets a bit weird:


the skulls do then not count against our alliance but for them, but still… fights starting by themselves is a bit weird.
(There used to be a tower of the other alliance on that very same tile - maybe that has something to do with it)

Edit: also with the few skulls winnable, supreme victory can’t be achieved without more players coming to the aid and the rest of the battle lasts as long as the conquest - so the tower under construction on that tile won’t get finished.

And, interestingly, when looking at “heroes on tile” there is one - but cannot be attacked.