Bug in the loot system?

Hi everybody, some days ago one of my teammate left the alliance with more than 12M in the treasure chamber and without being attacked for 9 hours;  when the other 3 teammates and me tried to attack him, he offered to 3 of us(including me) only 230k and to one of us 650k.

I thought this happened because i did some attack recently  but when i tried to attack another one of my teammate, who had 8M in the treasure chamber, he offered me 660K, plus he was attacked recently!

If is not a bug really i don’t know… :wacko:

people must learn to read all topic on this forum seriously. Its very annoying each time to answer the same thing again and again, Please make a effort to read the most topic to know all about the game and follow what happen on this forum,etc… the majority of time you have the answer in your face in Page 1 or 2 but people prefer create a new topic,etc…

OK let me give you all the link and info about this :

in Help in Question Section :

in General Discussion :

and maybe much more again

Please you have all that in Page 1 in your face. sorry but its disappointing to see that. Use Search Engine

Ok let me give you a little resume of what happen if you have lack to read all

to make it simple : Below 4000 trophies the algorithm of loot are really generous the matchmaker and the battle selection give you 600k,700k and more easily. I give screenshot in one of the topic about that in Extremely low loot 

When you reach 4000 trophies and more the algorithm is broken and that why some player can have 20k,40k or 200k maximum like in topic : Purpose of Royal Revolt 2…

Why do you have to reply with such attitude Warriornator ? You recently created another topic about loot by yourself and now you are attackign this player ?. Lol. He didn’t even ask a question about matchmaker loot.

Perhaps this is so called double standard

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Second its not my problem if you cannot read and understand what the others demand its not my fault. Who talking about matchmaker? you are the only one who mention matchmaker. The guy talk about the algorithm of loot if it is a bug or not and I give him the link about the topic we talking about the problem in algorithm. He never talk about matchmaker or whatever. 

Third its not my fault if some person here are lazy and don’t want to take time to read the topic when they have answer in the face just in Page 1. We have no choice each time to give them link same if the answer appear in their face but its ok we are on a forum and I am not surprise

Now can someone can close this topic. I answer the guy question and give him the link of where to find the answer

PS : I am sure tomorrow morning I gonna wake up and discover you have answer me again and again and again to continue your stupid war against me and create one more time a off topic but I am not surprise 

To just simply answer your question, loot also depends on the trophy/player level apart from the amount in Treasure Chamber.




Nobody has forced anyone to reply or give out all the links, if you don’t know the answer then ignore. Also, his question was not even pertaining to that topic.

I hope this is the last post in this topic.

you repeat exactly what I have said. what the point? Yo ugive the same answer like me after you come here to said if I don’t know the answer then ignore. LOL so LOL epic fail

Can we close this topic no sense where that go thanks!!!

Nothing to ‘LOL’ about. You gave your answer, I gave my answer. You just wasted your own time to type out all the links even when it had no effect. Just give the answer. Here, not all are professional. Your gems are not being robbed for creating more topics. Also, regarding your answer. Even below 4000 trophies, if the player level is low, you are bound to get low loot even if player has full capacity Treasure Chamber.

Sorry I like to give a perfect clear answer with the most detailed details. I am maniac on that. Its important to me everyone who read my answer understand perfectly. If I can give screenshot or link to my comment its better

Please don’t start a debate about the loots. I have give so many proof with screenshot just go read the topic about Extremely low loot. Same low level give super high gold loot. What you talking about? I give proof and many give proof under 4000 trophies you have a good algorithm and over 4000 bad algorithm. Read what I have said,Dena said and others said.Please don’t come here and give bad info. One thing I hate the most its someone who scrap a topic in just 1 comment. After its not a surprise if some person want to create a new topic on the same subject because the information was not super clear in the previous topic. Because always one person or many person come and scrap all and was not clear and at the final the one who have search the information don’t have the answer because that was confuse


I do not give bad info.

If there are 2 people. Level 85 and Level 65, considering that they have 2900 and 1900 trophies respectively.

If Level 65 has 9M in treasure chamber, Still the level 85 will get 10k loot or so.

You are all wrong on that sorry. You can look my youtube channel,you can look the screenshot I give in the topic. I am level 98 and same a level 80 can give me 800k. In the past I was level 85 and same a level 70 give me 800k, I was level 40 and same a level 30 give me 400k,etc… if you are below 4000 trophies the algorithm is super high

you can do all the test you want. I did it I was in 3,000- 3,400 range for 1 year and half and same low target like 10 or 20 level under me give me 800k. I can give you millions of proof of that. you can continue to believe that but you are wrong sorry

10K yes you have this problem if you are over at 4,000-6,000 trophies but not below that

I have never got so much gold from a low level player.  :slightly_frowning_face:  Only +/- 8 at max.

give me 10 minutes I can find low player under me who give high gold. i come back here to give you screenshot

After check my result can be false because there is no way to know if the player have gold or not. Hard to say. On the moment I check

Level 68 give me that : 30 level under me between 20k and 120k


Level 87 : 11 level under me between 200k and 350k



if you reduce the level between the target and you at level 89 : 9 level under me between 200k and 800k. At the moment I don’t find high gold but you can find 800k




Sure with a average of 10 level : you can find easily 700k,800k and rarely 900k


Really a mystery.

there’s no mystery,he is searching players in his trophy range,if he search for players less than 2500 trophies,they wont give this much gold,even if a player is above lvl 95 and he is in the range of 2000-2500 trophy range,he’l give less gold…its just about the trophy range players r in…

Man i read a lot of the oldest topic, some about matchmaking loot, some about the bad loot over 4000 trophies and i don’t make new topic just for fun, if i do this it’s because there is something strange without answer.

Anyway you are right, i had to specify something: My 3 teammate and me are below 4000 trophies, plus to answer to KKStar we are in the range 3500-3800 and our level is in the range 94-97.

So in little words the lv 97 offered me 230k, but the lv 94 with less Gold and after received some attacks offered me 660k! That’s why my topic, i don’t speak about different range of trophy or different range of level because practically there isn’t difference between us.

This only proves again that the loot algorithm is an ancient dinosaur, that wasn’t updated by Flares for ages and mainly relies on your trophies level.

For example, I’m 103 level king. Having my base closed and fully boosted like in top alliances, should have 4,500+ most probably close to 5,000. The loot at these trophies level is not good and the opponents offered to you by the matchmaker, even if they have bad bases design and easy, are so overboosted, that it’s very hard to beat them without being fully boosted yourself in a top alliance. This is the reason you’ll see me over 4,000 only during the seasons when closed base is a must. Immediately as the season ends I always semi-open my base to go below 4,000, which becomes harder and harder at my king’s level and the waves/towers strength.

But as far as i know Flares, they may fix the algorithm to the worst and even lowering your trophies will not help to get a decent loot, so maybe it’s better the way it is now… At least dropping trophies help…

This is so sad.  :slightly_frowning_face:

I am a 5k trophy player and I always find decent loots (800-900k ) from MM… If I drop low, I would get decent loot only from guys who have intentionally dropped trophies like me… Also the loot cool-down is also a factor affecting offered loot… If you are hit repeatedly You will offer less loot to stronger guys and more loot to weaker guys…


@Warriornator… You really need to change your attitude man… I have seen you arguing for No reason and please don’t answer with such attitude at all… :slight_smile: