BUG in the message counter

So I login, says I have 2 messages… I look no messages…

Yesterday it was stuck on 1… today is stuck on 2?

As alliance leader this is extremely annoying as I worry a team member is attempting to contact me?

Please reset counter …

Omg after 3 days…I submit topic… it was fixed in ten minutes… fantastic!!

This is how we need to have all things work out from now on. When I had a problem with Fortnite, I got a response from Epic Games almost immediately, and I was really impressed. I’m glad to see that flare is becoming like the big companies :slight_smile:  

Developers Team Leader: <Reads this Post> Guys, what have you done this time? You screwed up the friend list again!

Developer 1: Oh sh$%! I forgot to change that part of the code! I’m on it boss!

Developers Team Leader: Jesus Christ… These guys never learn…  :angry:

Developer 2:  Wait until you see the new Conquest Mode bugs… (I’m gonna laugh so hard  )