Bug in the pro league again works !!!!

Flare, start working Ok?

Hello there,

I’m sorry to hear about that. Could you give us a bit more details please? What happened?

Many thanks,


I will immediately send the recording …


Try to describe the bug

The mistake is that this is an old mistake. You turn off the internet and start again. I think 90% of the forum knows what’s going on.

My friend got a messengere recording. And the forum can not be sent …


disconetion bug solved long time ago. after 10-15 second player recive reconecting messege



Buddy, do not bother yourself. I would not describe anything that is not there.

keep it for yourself and happy with that

Pro League:

he starts the battle, switches off his wifi connection and battle is still active. closes the battle and log in game again. and the time in PL is unmodified. @GalaMorgane @Nikko ? 

he has the recording of this bug, can send in private message to You

Here we have the one guy who is most excited about it. Saw him at second place, now I know why. The DC bug is back, that’s why he’s in the top 10. Couldn’t finish top 10 without it, now that the DC thing is back, he can finish in the top 10 again. Biggest loser in the game

You are very funny?

And you’re very ■■■■■■, cheater. Keep cheating, loser

No personal attacks please, if you feel someone is cheating, please report via PM and not in public.

@KKStar I’m sure that players over 1800 points used the Bug !!!

Fg can read all about it here. It’s not a secret that immortal cheatness cheats all the time in the pro league. Always uses the DC thing. Did it two months, got 100k gems, flare didn’t do anything. They fixed it and he didn’t even get close to the top 10, after “dominating” with cheating the first two months. After they have fixed it, he cried many times that there are cheaters or that the PL is too tough. Funny to hear those things from a cheater. But still flare does nothing, don’t know why. Now the DC bug is back and he’s back at 1. If fg does nothing this time, then I can only say that FG is a joke and just ■■■■■■

Saying that flash should keep it for himself, cause he doesn’t want fg to find out about the DC bug, cause we all know, that he won’t win anything without it. Praising himself like he’s a raiding god, bragging about having skills. All he has are cheats. He only has skills when the DC bug is there. Pathetic Cheater

keep barking everywhere . I didn’t use disconect bug or anything .i see you cry everywhere about me.it dosent matter I play for myself and I try allways to win anything I want in game. Send a ticket to flare game and dont be chicken like this.you are most weak person in this game I see. You are like a 2 years old baby


There is no any bug here dude.go and practice to be in top instead of you waste your time with your rubbish talks.i never see stuiped player like you?