Bug in war blessings

 Hey this is Shiva ravi from Texas Blood Forged

People are saying that war blessings are extented max up to 42 days 

Then how do we get it for 61 days 

If it is a bug , pls fix it and return our money back.

Making note to never attack you guys! 

Yep,War blessings should be active for 42 days max not beyond.I think you should contact support team.


@CaptainMorgan will you say something on this topic ??


This has been covered in the Official Announcements and in other threads about the same issue.

We have fixed this so that it won’t happen again, but we won’t be removing the Blessings that people have paid for. In the end it gives almost no advantage to the Alliances as, at the end of the next Season, they will be able to prolong these Blessings for this long anyway.