bug invocations

while I was attacking a lvl 102 player, so weak that I was playing with only the hero without troops, the game thought to use not one but two invocations at the same time, stealing gems from me. @CaptainMorgan please check and solve this possible bug because it is disgusting, I feel robbed

That bug where the game crashes when you use Tartarus at the gate is also back, apparently 

@vasudeva1 were you using autoplay?

But As  far as I remember the autoplay does not use gems on its own but A player has to cast them manually.

Maybe you have clicked on invocations by mistakes.

hi @HOLYDIVINE, what you say could have happened if it had only one invocation, but two invocations at the same time can not be clicked by mistake.
In addition, a system to avoid using a single invocation is to put a mouse cursor clearly visible, but the developers have never wanted to do anything by hiding behind the fact that Microsoft does not allow it

Well yeah I do agree that playing on pc with invocations is tough.I have tried it but then started playing it on phone.

Pc version of the game lacks key binding option so yes chances are that a player may cast an invocations accidently while using mouse.

Okay so the game casted two invocations instead of one then it is definitely a bug.

But it should not have happened.


Are your invocations binded to the mouse @vasudeva1? If yes, maybe you accidentally misclicked?

I immediately thought so too, but it would have been a mistake if it had been a single invocation, but 2 invocations at the same time are not a mistake, it’s physically impossible 

Technically speaking, the devs didn’t lie about the mouse, and yes it is Microsoft fault. Take my word on it, had to deal with the same stuff as well - they are unfortunately very right on this.

I do not know, always from the store I downloaded a game of gamelofte when the game starts the cursor of the mosue changes

Maybe it was pressed so fast that the game registered as two clicks instead of only one click?

Yep, I’m not saying that is technically impossible - but with the development system they use to make the windows version of OR, custom mouse cursors are not supported yet by Microsoft. There are several ways to write games :slight_smile: FG is actually using the more “modern” that MS made available, which allow them for example to not have to go crazy having to make 3 different versions for windows phones, tablets and computers … but the back side is that a few features aren’t supported yet, like the mouse cursor.

I’m just saying this because I have experience in this field … so take my word, it’s not their fault at all for this thing. If someone is to blame is Microsoft that “forgot” to make that feature available to developers using MS newest tools.

#Blame Craposoft. Nothing new.

It is always easier to blame Microsoft. :wink: