Bug or has my phone lost it?

So I’ve been playing this game for a few months now and have been enjoying my time uptill now. Whenever I try to open RR, the game freezes about 2 minutes into the game. In fact my entire phone freezes and I have to pull my battery and reopen my mobile to do anything. This never happened before with any other game I ever played. Not even with RR until the last few days. This does not happen with any other app up until today when I was not even able to use my phone for more than a minute. A part of RR is in my SD card so I pulled it out and opened my mobile. I uninstalled anything RRish and my phone has been running fine ever since. I always have about 400 mb of date free on my phone. I also tried the clean master virus detector and it did give a few problems but according to clean master, my phone is fine right now. I don’t download any stupid stuff and don’t go on these wierd websites from where my phone could’ve gotten this problem. The sole exception was a tap joy offer that wanted me to go on a website and play a game. I left it because of the low quality rewards but my phone has been crashing ever since.

What I do want to know is if any of you guys have been having this problem. I also tried reinstalling RR. In fact I reset my entire phone but I backed everything up before doing so I’m not surprised that it did not help. Also the problem is in my SD card. Any help or advise would be extremely helpful. Also I don’t know how to send a ticket so please help me out with that as well :slight_smile:

Hi Hassaan,

Please make sure to include the following information whenever you are reporting a bug:


  • Device of the affected player
  • Operating system of the affected player
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • Frequency (How often does the bug occur?)
  • For how long has the bug been occuring?

Providing as much information and details as possible will help Support Team of Flaregames to categorize and fix problems as soon as possible.

Write these info that i posted before on the Flaregames Site Support  http://flaregames.helpshift.com/a/royal-revolt-2/ (click on the red button “CONTACT US”) so Team will take action of your problem and they will be able to solve it.


Thanks for the help oPelle but I’m not reporting this as a bug(otherwise it would be in the bug section) but rather as a reference from you guys to know if I’m the only one ever experiencing it.

PS: no offence but auto corrects first choice as a replacement for your name was repelled :wink:

Whenever we are talking about bugs, phone freeze, general issues problem, you have to post in http://forums.flaregames.com/forum/30-bugreports-and-technical-help/, here maybe you can find a your similar issue. Most of problems are generally posted here, however this is not mean that people that are in Bugreports sub-forum will not answer, on the contrary you can find in a more easy way people that can have the same problem that will answer to you.

Also if you really want to know i took info from here: http://forums.flaregames.com/topic/36-how-to-squash-a-bug-details-inside/probably you missed it.

Sorry but i missed instead what you said about my name ?

Thanks oPelle for your help and I’ll be more careful next time. Forget what I said about your name. It was just a friendly joke :slight_smile: