Bug or intended?

So I got into a discussion today about area damage against raw damage perks for refining GK items

So what happens is that the GK’s damage is turned into 100% area damage, which means any raw damage you add, gives you the same amount of area damage, right?
Same goes for area damage, but area damage has a 50% higher max perk absolute value than raw damage, so it should be better, right?

No. Raw damage is better, because raw damage goes through the 1.4x Perseus damage multiplier, the 1.3× statue damage multiplier and also the attack speed multiplier, as any attack speed over 130% just increases raw damage, rather than attack speed(confirmed by @CaptainMorgan)

So even tho the area damage max value is 50% higher than the raw damage max, it’s not as good for the statue as the raw damage will be multiplied by at least 1.85, resulting in it always being better

Is it intended that the AD is not affected by the same multipliers?

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Yes, GK, by design, starts with 100% AD (so equal to damage) before any AD is added via items or masteries.

I guess “yes”. All these multipliers clearly state “damage” and not “area damage”. As of Attack Speed that affects the damage shown on your hero page, it should affect area damage the same way it affects other perks such as LoH or stun.

However, for GK build, AD plays a big role thanks to a big bug. With high DR, a GK with 30K damage and 34K AD hits MUCH harder than a GK with 40K damage and 40K AD (so no additional AD).


Thats what i meant about the bug, because if you get 1000 raw damage you’ll get around 1850 area damage, but getting straight up 1000 area damage will give you more actual damage