hi team, I write because there seems to be a problem with the power Pheme and Asclepius. during some battles the powers are activated but do not act, I would like to know if it is a bug or not. thank yoB

some time ago i did not see the animation of powers (pheme, damokles,…), but they did work. maybe it was a memory thing on my device. don’t know if it is the same you describe here, because you say that your powers do not work.

I haven’t seen that since I changed phones,  but on my old phone the game would definitely stop showing animiations for things like powers if memory was being overtaxed. Now the game just freezes on me for 15 or 30 seconds sometimes, which is almost worse?

hello, in fact, the powers are activated but I do not see the animations, but sometimes, for example with Pheme activated enemy troops continue to hit without suffering the effect, as with asclepius I can not see the health bar
I also think it could be a memory overload and maybe it's a way to avoid crashe