Bug. Phoenixes can't jump over barricades

For the last 2 days (at least) when I am checking my defense I see that my phoenixes can’t jump over barricades and they also die fast. Maybe it has something to do with the last update. Please check and fix asap. 


Maybe he forgot his keys on the other side.

looks very strange… i just had in odyssey an archer (he followed my hero, arthemis) at the gate holding back my ariving army of phoenix… that archer did not die, i had to go back and kill this superman (sinlge stroke enough) and they moved on. i did not watch too long, because i did not want to loose the raid and sorry, i dont have proof for this. just mentioned it, maybe someone else also have such an experience. if i notice it again i try to make a screenshot (which is not a video proof of course)

I have had this strange effect during attack. My phoenix gets stuck when it has to take a turn in the path. It just stays there like a chicken and does not attack. I have no proof at the moment. It gets stuck at the 90* angle when to take the turn, no sure why.

in addition, i have another feeling as if smaller units are (again?) blocked more by units like phoenix. e.g. spearman do not pass them when they should go and attack the gk. what are your thought on this?

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look into it. :grinning:

@Madlen Same bug for my teammate 

His name in game is reza. wizard

I know that we’re talking about phoenixisszz (not sure of plural here)  but hydras block every man and his dog from getting past…surely units could nudge them slightly aside??

Yeah this especially happens with Cadmus… When he summons many hydras due to his power, other units cant pass hydras at the bridge and this causes a issue, when trying to kill the GK. Reduce size of hydra or make pls make units able to pass them without hindrance…!!! 

this issues still in the game. When I face Phoenix base the bug make them lag exactly when you try to play a online game with 2000 ms ping lol. I call this Back track teleport issue. They advance and teleport behind move and advance teleport back and so on… Make the base more easy thanks but its not a reason for let’s this bug in the game

@Madlen, please can you tell me something about this bug when it will be fixed ?


Over month and the bug still there. Make the game boring at this moment. You enter in the fight full of Phoenix and what you see is Phoenix who try to jump a barricade over and over again. So ok let’s go cast Okeanos with Siren and too much easy. That’s ruin player in defense result. Normally they should get a lots of gems but because of this bugs I think many can past them easily without spend gems

In few days I unlock Pheonix islands and with this bugs. Its gonna be boring for me to past those islands easily because of a bugs so please fix this ASAP

I wonder what the conditions are that make this work? I haven’t seen it happen.

sadly I don’t think this bug will be fixed before January 2019 or later. Madlen take a vacation today and will be back only in January :slightly_frowning_face:

The bug is disappear on my teammate, so try to update the Phoenix, maybe can be the solution, is strange and i don’t konw what to say 

I still don’t have Phoenix but i talk about the Phoenix in defense that I see when I fight a opponent. Maybe they have low Phoenix its possible but still I don’t think its the problem. Same in Odyssey the bugs is there. So I don’t know.

In the conquest Phoenix burn the barricades ?

lol oops not conquest I means Odyssey. Conquest its in RR2 lol.

PS : I edit my previous post ?