bug pro league

I was playing pro league and left the game, in challenges III; VI; IX; X and XI.
I want to give me the points and crystals of those challenges because I think it’s unfair that the game stops working only when I play pro league.
IGN: José Raffo
Level: 118
Alliance: Apocalypse 

same issue for me.

IGN: Spacebreaker 



Its unfortunate…

hopefully they have fixed this, PRO league is the premium event yet it is the worst implemented buggy and slow.

What makes it worse is the obvious differences in player experience on a so called level playing field.

I get there can be growing pains but I also get that ownership and acknowledgement goes a long way when dealing with the community.

Most are understanding IF you have understanding people to deal with.

You can try contacting support, with a bit of luck you maybe will get extra crystals as a compensation. Though, they will not help you in any way most likely. It is very unfortunate to happen in PL.