Bug/problem.. please solve

After the new update I can’t choose cannon units in my castle guard wave.Actually the selection button is not showing.pls… solve this problem ???


 ( I play rr2 on Android)

 Pls…as soon as possible… 

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


The problem is known and we are working on it.

Sorry for the troubles.

Thanks for the reply…  Alysea … Hope you & your team will be able to solve the problem as soon as possible :slight_smile:



After this new upgrade my phone not support the game.

Please help me. 

It because my phone RAM is 512 mb

Please help to support the game

2x my king got stuck at a barricade during raid, at 2 different bases, he tried to run through by throwing max perked bladestrom spell, but he stuck in front of it longer than usual, probably stuck around 4 secs king can’t move at all then i can run forward again, as if that barricade is 100 feet thick super strong&paralyzing barricade… duh
it’s a new bug: ‘stuck bug’? duh