BUG : Quests Reward

Game Quests (King of the World) show incorrect rewards.

I have won the Diamond League 10 times to complete the quest, now where I should get 1000 Gems RR2 Wiki , it only shows 500 vouchers!! :triumph: :rage:

Version 5.4.0 on Windows 10 Pro

In-game name - ANIK P

Here are two screenshots

A couple of years ago, rewards for quests plus for dungeons were adapted.

Original rewards were much better and indeed, some of those gem rewards were changed to vouchers.

Take a look here https://royal-revolt-2.fandom.com/wiki/Quests_(old_system)#Tournament

1000 gems =>> only 500 vauchers :face_vomiting: :frowning: :scream:

:neutral_face: :expressionless: