Bug - Raids while online


Today have observed a very strange phenomenon.

Was online for a long time. There were some problems with accessing Flares server, so, sometimes closed the game for a couple of seconds and then loaded it again.

To my surprise, after the game reloaded, an announcement has appeared that I was raided many times but that my gold was “Protected” (strange, cause it was not really protected). Have lost trophies, but gold was not looted. After opening the Attacks history i saw many raids that were going on for the last hour. Those raids could not be possible, cause i was online non-stop during this time (!!!).

Then I have experienced this by myself. Have raided a tough base and beaten it. The conclusion raid screen has appeared. Surprise again… It was showing three crowns, but all the achievements were zero… Zero trophies, Zero medals, everything zero… Guess this player was online…

Was trying now to take a screenshot of the Attacks history, but all the attacks that were written there during my being online, have strangely disappeared.

Has anyone else experience this today?



Nope, not experienced that, guess it s a personal thing …


Buddy a your is gold protected due to following reason :-

1) You are too weak than him

2) His chamber could be full

3)May he have been attacking you but  you came online thus saved the gold 


Yup, I can say for the protection screen. It has happened to me too eddy.


It’s a bug. The reasons do not make sense for a high level player. I mean a player around 6000 plus trophies can attack a player less than him. The attacker may not benefit much, but the attacked player will lose money.

even if the chamber is full, the attacked player loses money.

The raids will be completed irrespective of anybody coming online from being offline.

just my thought.


Hi Dheerajthakur,

  1. No, not weaker. Almost the same level (100+)

  2. It’s possible that one of the player’s chamber was full, but it’s unlikely that all 4-5 of the players who raided me had their chambers full… lol.

  3. No. The game does not work this way. When someone attacks you while you are offline, the gold he is raiding is automatically deducted from your total gold as the raid starts and then, even  if you come online during his raid, you can do nothing to save the gold. If he fails to beat you 100%, you receive an announcement that “we have managed to save some of our gold” and some of it returns back to you.

Maybe I have not explained myself well enough:

  1. I was raided while being online!

  2. At these raids I have lost only trophies.

  3. No gold was looted by the raiders.

  4. On the attack history announcement, it said “protected” about my gold, but i didn’t protect it. I was just online.

  5. The opposite situation has happened to me as well. Have raided and beaten a same level base and got nothing. Zero.

Yep, it’s a bug. Maybe have something to do with the event… Buggy programming work by Flares stuff. Must say that no harm was made, just have lost 220 food and some trophies. No big deal.

I have seen the screen where my gold was protected (not during wars). Possible reasons :-

  1. Gold Shield had been applied.

  2. Opponent’s treasure chamber would have been full.

  3. The gold is in the protected limit of treasure chamber. But wait, tavern gold is unprotected, so some loot must be offered.

This is weird. When another base is raided, you get trophies & medals irrespective of the status of treasure chamber.

These raids might have happened while a pop-up comes - Are you still there?


I am competing for #1 in the diamond now. Was online non-stop for a couple of hours.

Didn’t protect the gold, cause I was online…

Yes, have seen this pseudo-“protected” in the past. I wasn’t online then, so it didn’t matter. But today it was something special. By the times displayed in the attack history, there were 4-5 raids during the time I was online…

Good luck for the diamond league.

I have also seen that the ‘You have been attacked’ pop-up comes again if you didn’t view it last time.

Has to be a bug. Getting nothing from a 3 crown is surprising. I haven’t experienced this because I am purposely 0% raids to get some gem donations during war. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you had less than 1M gold and your taverns were almost empty? If not, it’s a bug as you’ve been saying…

I experienced this many times and almost every day, and it’s not a bug. When you stay too much online the game make you as “offline” even if you are online. So people can attack you but you don’t lose any gold. This is a mechanism added since not so long and was needed to avoid cheaters that stay always online, etc. Moreover i bet it surely happen more often for the top players since otherwise if they would be all online they couldn’t attack each other  :slight_smile:

That’s useful information oPelle, So the gold would be generated by the system itself. The 0 reward raid still confuses me, that has to be a bug, I guess.

Thanks oPelle for this information. I was indeed online for several hours.

So, it’s not a bug after all. Well, good to know.

Sorry Flares guys, was accusing you falsely. :slight_smile:

Interesting answer from Pelle, I realld didn’t know that. By the way, may I close this topic? It seems Ed’s doubt was answered already. It’ll stay open if someone wants to discuss it further, though…

Opelle saves the thread by giving the right answer … again

I wonder who’s going to answer Opelles questions (whenever he has some) …


I still wonder why this happened? This has to be a bug.

Yes, very strange. Don’t remember this ever happening before. Crashes immediately after the raid, yes, but all zeroes… Not happened to me yet.

Think this thread should stay, cause it seems that nobody knew of this issue.

Yes Micky, you have hit the bulls eye. lol…

Hi Ed, i have read about this bug some times before, it seems to be there for a long time and is not fixed until now.
Here is a screenshot from over a year ago :grinning: