Bug Report - Ajax is really bad

Please fix. Thx.

I think it’s time to bring back Athena and Ajax as they were before the heavy nerf

I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

Yeah, would be nice to see that

I would settle for just not getting him twice or 3 times in the odyssey every week.

***The monkey paw closes and I get him 5 times next week***

I think he badly needs a specific damage type, maybe for his main whirlwind power would be nice to select poison/fire/ice depending on your opponents statue for example, as the way it is he bounces off most of the ‘well made’ high physical res statues. 

I remember the appeal of Ajax from a design perspective was that all of his unique abilities utilized his equipment — but it all just does static physical damage. It would be way more interesting if, for example, whirlwind would be enhanced by the perk of his spear, or shield slam would be enhanced by the perk of the shield (it would be a little weird to translate resistances, but creative people could come up with an interesting way).

But he has two major flaws in his game, imo:

  1. he doesn’t have access to powers that can deal with the Helios tower (damocles/pheme, mostly). 

  2. his powers have long animations and you take a ton of damage while they’re running, if you’re using them in any kind of an area where you’d want to use them, making them sometimes more dangerous than just not using them at all.

There isn’t an easy solution to the first problem without giving him a new power or access to pheme. Making him tougher will let him rambo easier?

The second solution would be fixed without changing anything else by making him invincible during whirlwind and charge, OR by not stripping out resistances/life on hit/ etc… or whatever happens when you use whirlwind.

Or simply add some elemental damage to his Quarterstaff(like fire or ice or lighting)SO that he can be useful against Statue that have 90% physical resistance + damage reflection or 90% physical resistance + 10k life on hit (I have met such statue on map many times and with Ajax I cannot beat them but I find it strange that Achilles with one or Okeanos can kill such difficult statues easily.).Like Right now At my level Ajax is the best hero I have.He can make short work on any defense and I use him on auto play to grind trophies.

I also don’t like the fact that his shield bash ignores Nyxs towers in corner,no matter how hard I try to aim it but Now I am 1000% sure that I cannot aim Ajax spells like I can do with Artemis.


Yep count me in.It is not fair that you guys played with these awesome heroes when they were unbeatable.

I hope I get a chance to play with them as were before they were nerfed. 

I wish I am just luck as you are.I do skull 8 on auto with Ajax whenever he is my honored hero but I do find it annoying that this awesome hero faces problem against Nyxs tower in corner or Nyxs tower in Helios light I have to rely on Archers or Phoenix or trébuchet to do damage to nyxs towers in corner for some reason Ajax ignores them and use his shield bash on units behind him instead of using it against nyxs tower (that he can destroy with one Shield bash).

it would be right, besides the medium-high lvl Ajax and Athena only serve to make resources

Ajax can do solo? nyx should not be a problem for him … Only problem with him is he is very slow… 

Athena is fast and can do solo too but her lighting spell need a nice boost… 

If Ajax was designed with the idea that somewhere down the line there would be a tower added that he would have no way to counter except to solo a map, he never should have been nerfed in the first place. If he was too powerful at the time, a more appropriate action than a nerf would have been to release the Helios tower early instead of nerfing him.

but that’s not really what happened and Ajax should have been buffed going on 9 months ago. Either brought back to his original strength or taken in a different direction completely. 

Nerfed his spells because of his uniques … his shield have potency which would increase his spells like it was before … So it’s completely balanced i guess… 

I doubt that was the reason for the nerf. Ajax was very powerful this time last year. But defenses were very different.