Bug report in conquest mode

How to submit a bug properly

For creating a thread there, please use the following guidelines:

- Your In-game name : Royal Revolt2    ・・・IGN:KAPLAN MT

-Device of the affected player** ”HAMZA BABA!" and Aslan777 alliance all  menbers**

-** Operating **** system of the affected player **

**-Steps to reproduce the problem **

I shot on youtube.
The opponent’s name is tower guard.
One person member can not participate in battle. “HAMZA BABA!” Is his IGN.

-Frequency (How often does the bug occur?)

It is still only this battle.

-For how long has the bug been occurring?

Maybe until this battle is over

-Providing as much information and details as possible will help us to categorize and fix problems as soon as possible (for example video material or screenshots).

Same bug here: (ign: Gengis me, playing on windows)

Cannot fight in conquest neither see the attacks against me. (fyi, this is a battle that i started, yesterday i was able to fight in a battle that i joined)