BUG REPORT : Unable to assign troops to members at towers when zero troops in Stronghold.

When the towers have an alliance member who needs troops, and the tower has troops and is not on a timeout, but the stronghold has no troops, we are unable to assign troops from the tower to the member.

I have tested this several times, and it appears that there is a coding error or possibly a variable/flag for the stronghold troops that none can be assigned when stronghold troops are zero.  Even when they are not coming from the stronghold, as in this example.

Additional: It appears that the troop assignment timer for towers is not functioning as was intended.

The timer is to prevent troop assignments until some time has passed, this appears to only be true for a single general/leader.  I have been able to assign troops to a tower that another general has just assigned troops to, even though the timer has not completed running.  So, if an alliance has a lot of generals, they have an unfair exploit to re-troop their towers at the front lines as long as they have troops to assign at their stronghold.

We also have the same problem. alliance name 「カピバラだん」

Fundin Storngarm Google Pixel 2

We cannot assign troops to members from our towers. I think it is because we have low/no troops in our stronghold.

Early on, we could assign troops from our towers easily. But now that we have no troops in our stronghold we cannot assign troops from our towers.

Edit: Once we added some troops to our stronghold, we could assign troops from towers again. This is still a bug, imo.

I have same problem. I did not notice this thread when I made my own bug thread.

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for pointing out that issue. It has been added to our database.

Same problem here