Bug superforge

@GalaMorganeHello, I would like to know if this is a bug or it is normal, as it shows in the print there it showed that there would be 2 more attributes and however there was no added attribute ie you made me spend 1 item of 4 attributes, 10 million gold, and 1000 gems to only reduce my apple? That was in my account “Marluz”. It still gave me the different result of what showed me how it would look, whether it is not reliable this superforja

It’s normal. Every perks enhanced some how,and multiply 2/4 because of 2 new perks.

The 2 original perks are reduced as donoo says, basically to add another 2.  There’s no base stat on a ring item, so both original perks will decrease. 

It has some bug for sure, because what shows that will be the result is one thing, and when it came the item the power and cd came different. In other words, it says something comes and it comes less


It’s no bug @saulofreak, it’s the way Flare designed the system - they say the item gets stronger as their argument is that you now have 4 perks in stead of 2 and that the total % strength is higher than the 2 individual.   BUT would you really want to sacrifice cooldown for anything on that unique - You risk breaking an excellent item. 

There argument is 4x55% (new perks +original perks) = 220% is better than 2x 100% (original perks) Which you can see is an increase - but you risk having 4 perks that have limited effect over 2 perks that you can see working

@Philstar are you really doubting that there might be a bug? Unwise. 

That’s no bug @dumpster that’s what we were talking about a couple of weeks ago - that you need a gold forge of equal perks to improve your unique after it’s got it’s original boost.  Personally I think FG should allow normal bronze forges after a gold forge to actually keep the gold improvements, otherwise it’s just borrowed strength as we know.

so it’s normal an item that was to have 4 attributes end up getting only with 2 and these 2 that I had got weaker and the new ones did not enter. If the apple brooch is not allowed to put more than 2 attributes, then it should not be shown to the player that there would be the possibility of having the 4 being that will only be 2. This must be informed before the player spends a fortune for nothing

What I’m trying to say is that it showed there that there would be 2 more new attributes and amount of recharge and power were ones, when I broke the curse of the item it came weaker than it reported before and did not come the 2 attributes that it showed would come. This is normal?

Yeah if it added nothing then it’s a bug, but also a blessing in disguise, as you don’t wanna wreck that apple!

Saulo I think you cursed it, wasted your gold item, and ended up with a weaker version of the same unique. Or you regular forge it but that doesn’t make sense either. 

You don’t want to curse it, you wanted to refine it. 

Its honestly very confusing. @Madlen maybe you can look into making this thing clearer. Suggest to the guys that they should just bring back the old simple forging system ?

It’s very lucky to curse the apple and find it again, is not it?

Dumpster I have 4 accounts of mine in this game and I take care of 2 more, I do forge in all of them at the same time, I do not believe it was my mistake.
my 4 accounts are:
Saulo Freak (131)
Saulo ø * º ° F®ëåk ° º * ø (129)
Marluz (129)
Saintupster (93)

I have 3 maces on Saulo Freak more before I ruin this test account at Marluz.

I accompany the forges and the progress of all of them, in the account Marluz that happened this problem, the apple in this account was the unique rare that was in day in the forges, always use her of tests ,. the mistake I made in the forge was exactly the item I used to refine in the apple as shown in the first photo.
on the second picture after cursing the item I had to pay 1,000 gems to find out that I was fooled into making my apple weaker than before, making me spend a super expensive 5 star gold for nothing item, and still 1,000 gems to figure out this flop. in all other accounts follows normal,

taking out some idiot forges that appear in rare item that only rises 3, that’s right I said 3 of attack in the sword and the demolition remains the same, ie I have to spend 10 million gold and a 5 stars item to increase in (3) to force of my attack. That is in Saul ø * º ° F®ëåk ° º * ø

the game is full of mistakes still, in several stages …
the Super Forge came to recover the weak items, but this does not happen in the
 truth. the account Saintupster had some weak items, I forged and it was still weak, it is ridiculous to spend resources to improve the item but it will not be worth using only to refine in another. or each account has a different type of error … but I will not describe all, I want to watch the apple that I took damage and I was deceived.

 The item shouldn’t go into a cursed chest when you refine it. That’s why I suggested that. 


Forging an item doesn’t put it in a cursed chest, it seems more like you cursed it. In general, when you forge a unique item with a 4 perk item, it will gain two perks, and they will all get slightly weaker. We should defo look into making the screen more user-friendly, so these kinds of mistakes do not happen.

Edit: We just checked. The apple of discord was cursed. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you!

I really screwed up, I cursed the item instead of forging it, and I ended up with another apple. hahaha, I put it to forge yesterday, soon we’ll find out what’s going to happen to her, when it’s ready I’ll post here

primeira maçã forjando no nível 129  essa é do nível 131

just remember @saulofreak those boosts are temporary, every time you lvl up it will get weaker with no real way to boost it that high ever again. You’re high lvl so prob ok for 6 months +