Bug: Titan chest / Donate 750k Gold / Bonus disappears overnight

There are some Titan chests that require the donation of (for instance) 750.000 gold to your alliance to open them.

I am able to donate 422.500 per day (that’s 325.000 + 30% bonus). After the first donation it says „donate 327.500 gold to your alliance“ which is correct. On the next day my bonus seems to have disappeared, because the message was changed overnight to „donate 425.000 gold to your alliance“. I donate my 422.500 (incl. bonus), the result is „donate 2.500 gold“.

Next day I see „donate 100.000 gold“, so again my bonus donation disappeared overnight, the system believes I did donate 325K twice.

So it takes 3 days (or 945.000 gold) to fulfill a 750.000 donation.

Please fix that, @CaptainMorgan


You are not alone in this.

I tried to donate (422k), and anticipate the 24 hour donation using gems (+ 422k). The game crashes, and when you open it, 100k are missing to complete the quest ?