Bug warriors

warriors has 7k hp and when I throw them spell Pandora’s box it does not kill them or even removes half of x,if they have when they have a weakness for poison…


When Warriors are hit for the first time, they use their “Shield Block” ability which greatly reduces the damage they take for a short time. You can see this by the yellow glowing shield effect around them.

Additionally, Pandora’s Box deals its full damage over 10 seconds. If the Warriors run through the poison cloud they will only take a part of this damage. Try casting Pandora’s Box in a location where the Warriors won’t run away, e.g. when they are fighting against your troops.

Pandora’s Box can usually kill a full wave of Warriors. They have more HP when their Divine Blessing is active though. Of course it also depends on the level of your Pandora’s Box. Have you upgraded it?