Bug with Forge

its not me who will complain lol about this because I gain like 200 gems free but @CaptainMorgan can you look and see if you can fix this. When someone forge so many items the game unlock for no reason the Quest : Titan

I was busy to forge many green items and blue and suddenly I have see (1) in red in quest I go look and see the game give me bronze,silver and gold for Titan Quest so I feel like very weird because I don’t have titan items on my hero just green,blue,purple and yellow



I got the same bug again with my new account and more worst than the first time. Still not fixed I got the gems for bronze equip 3 titants,silver equip 5 titans and gold one for 7 titans when one of my Hero have only 1 titan on him.

How to reproduce? this bug happen when you forge too much for many days. Green items and Blue items on many heroes around Ascension 50-52

Bronze Quest bug

Silver Quest bug

Screenshot (68).jpg

Gold Quest bug

Webp.net-resizeimage (8).jpg

Hero with 1 Cursed Titan

Only 1 titan equipped so I should not unlock any of them. I hate to earn gems when i have not complete the quest. that give the impression I have abuse of a bug to gain more gems. I don’t like that. That happen 3 times in 1 year. 1 on my ipad and twice on PC

Also that remove me the fun to achieve this quest for real fair and square.

I don’t see any problem if you remove me the gems earned and backward the quest to bronze if its possible.Thanks

@GalaMorgane if you can report this bug to the Dev.Thanks


This bug is a known issue, it is just a little lower on our priority list as it rewards the player too much, rather than too little.

The reason it happens is because you unlocked Zeus or Hades, who have all Titan Items.

Please don’t change this bug like you did with the forge nerf let new players have these 50 gems.It is not a big deal if I remember it correctly unlocking  both (Hades and Zeus) again requires time and gems???

@HOLYDIVINE That’s why it’s very low on our list (it’s unlikely it will get fixed any time soon, if ever).