Bug with new update?

It seems the chat feature is not working. When I try to write something in chat, once pressed “enter” the words I wrote disappears and nothing happens…

Hello Swifthunter,

Thanks a lot for the report.

We are currently working on fixing it as soon as possible.

Sorry again and thank you for your patience.

Thanks for the fix! :slight_smile:


My chats not working either 

Yeah same notice gold reduction?


Regarding the gold reduction, we made the following change today which explains it.


So do we get extra gold in other ways? Bases seem really tough, but I’m not sure the boost are working defence again sometimes.

this is a member of elite crew. I’m sure they have the boosts going all the time?

2 elite crew members.

I just noticed that bug on my map too.

It is a pity this wasn’t fixed. :slightly_frowning_face:


This happens because one of those players remained online when the boosts have been activaded, while the other one logged in after they have been activated.

For example, if player A has players B and C onto his islands:

Player B activates a boost and stays online, while player C is not online.

If Player A checks the battle loadouts for Players B and C, only Placer C has the activated blessing.

I hope it is clearer now. :slight_smile:

Are you saying that ALL boosts expired between Player B and Player C loadouts?

If that was only one boost, that could be reasonable explanation, but that bug happens only with ALL boosts deactivated at the same time.

What the fuck does it matter who was online and when??? 

We pay for those blessings to be active 24/7!!! Are you fucking kidding me???

so all player b has to do is restart the game and he’ll have the blessings?

that still doesn’t make sense though, blessings are typically activated at different times throughout the day… There are players in high alliances who don’t have any activated and that are on and off throughout the day as well. 

basically by that logic in order for a person to have no blessings they would have to stay on the game for 12-24+ hours straight and wait for the blessings to expire then re-activate them all

i think your mistaken and need to take a better look at this 


Yea these boost aren’t just being activated and not all of them at once. A few alliances have them going pretty much 24/7 and they’re always the ones I notice this bug with. 

It happens all the time and has since I’ve being playing this game.

While trying to fix the game it almost looks like you looked past the problems, and thought how can we make this game better (more money too possibly?) and changed to many other things. 

Like someone else said its just seem all so chaotic. 

Im still struggling to gain more cups than I lose and I’m not gonna even think of attacking anyone who looks to really tough and a waste of gems for 3 cups. I want to attack the weak players above my ranking and drag them down while I climb up. Or I’ll attack tough bases but only if it’s worth the cups and gold otherwise they can just cycle on or not at this stage. They only pop back up back on my islands if I defeat them (instantaniously sometimes). At least 2 of my heroes may as well not bother attacking because they’re just not as strong as the other heroes. These heroes I risk losing the fight even using gems while other heroes I often don’t spend any on tough bases.