Bug with Pro Boost Activation

Just out of curiosity: Did you have Mass Hysteria activated before (from the previous pro league featuring Mass Hysteria)? If yes, did your alliance pay / prolong it longer than today, the moment of activating the new one?

Our alliance has similar “Please re-activate …” and “… has been activated” messages, but in the correct order so that we have got the boost still enabled. It seems in your case, the activation event of the boost has outperformed (aka: was processed before) the deactivation event of the same boost, effectively leaving your alliance with no boost at all. :slightly_frowning_face:  

@GalaMorgane @flaretara we won Mass Hysteria lvl 4 but it isn’t activated, can you help us?

@KKStar, @oPelle, I think you should contact customer support ASAP! I fear that you are wasting time in the forum here. FG would need to update the database to restore your well earned boosts. Most likely that’s nothing that can be done from the forum or community here. Provide evidence like the screen shot above, that proves that the boost got activated and immediately deactivated. That’s not a regular operation in the game!

Just my 2ct. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it got fixed.

You can close the topic.

Hello @KKStar and @oPelle

I am sorry to hear about this and we’ve just heard from the team that your Mass Hysteria boost should now be active.

Thank you for having brought this to our attention and for your patience.

Your Royal Revolt 2 team