Bug with Quest

Last time I have got Quest not related with the quest himself. When forging green items give Titan quest bronze,silver and gold. Now that happen again. I don’t know why after finish a Barricade level 3 the game give me the quest of Power Level 9 and I am far to have a Power at this level (on my sub account)

@CaptainMorgan this happen twice on Ipad Air 2 with OS 10.3.3. So maybe check the problem on this device




@Warriornator - What level is Pheme?

Pheme is locked I need a Shrine of Power level 8

My most higher is Asclepius at 6 the other are at 3,4,2,1,etc…

How many Trophies do you have?

on my sub only 1,737 with a Shrine of power level 5

Thanks, we’ll look into this :slight_smile:

I know like the others quest bugs its not in your priority. I just want to lets you know about this bug to able to fix it in future :

Quest Bug : Break the curse on Godlike item

How that happen : Equip a Godlike Curse item on Ajax few days ago 6.1.2018. The Odyssey start at 8:00 PM (UTC -5) so I will unlock it at 9:00 PM (UTC-5) after the 3/5 adventures tonight. 6.3.2018. So the bugs have take a little advance on me lol. I will did it of course but not happen again