Bug with Sultan Event



I got 3 times or 4 times 2 sultan in a row, because of the event if you got a gardian, you have a lot of chance to find sultan next. But when I got see the number of Sultan I got, It added only 1 instead of 2…


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Happened to me as well. I received 2 sultans from 1 chest, and overall total towards upgrade only showed 1. This happens frequently to some players, and not just during the event. 

Yeah, I had that a couple of times too (not during the event). I found a G5000 in a chest, and when I went to look at it, it wasn’t added. Had it with a Donkey earlier

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Thanks for reporting this.

@Magimagic: Before you opened the chest, have you already had Sultan or did you get him for the first time? Because when you got Sultan for the first time and you had him twice in a chest, then the new Guardian (Sultan) is counted as one and second one is counted as your first additional Sultan. Therefore it is displayed as 1/1 in the Royal Guardians Menu. In this case, it would be no bug. However, if you already had Sultan and received two additional Sultans in a chest and it was only displayed as 1/1 in the Royal Guardians Menu then it is definitely a bug.

@Sasch Hello, I already got him before ? he is lv4. Maybe sometimes we opened too fast the chest and skip too fast the rewards ? So they didn’t have time to count in… bug ?

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