Bug with Version 3.8 and gold value of items?

Since the upgrade i mostly get items around 50k gold value in CoF, only two were a little bit higher around 100k.
Earlier this day i easily got items 300k+ gold value.

I then opened some chests from last war and items that normally would have a value of 400k - 500k had only
200k. There seems to be something wrong? Can others confirm?

I have posted below about it. I think something is wrong,

but the randomness of pearl / gold values… cant be 100%

i was going to open ubers to melt during event, but am holding off given i think they will be affected too!


Agreed,  this reduction in item values is bad for the game. 

Raided for almost an hour (luck raids that take 16s each) and found no items over 190k gold value… that is horrible. 

Same happend to me and items worth less gold and pearls.after upadate :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, chests are affected, too.

I still have some Ubers to melt.

So, I will not do it now, hope for a correction from Flare.

…and also that the BS Event will be prolonged to make up for this bug.

Can confirm that, just opened a couple legendary chests and none of the legendary items inside were anywhere near their usual value.

Here a screenshot of the current content of my meltdown queue:

You can clearly see decreasing pearl values (the first items were added before update, the others after).

Maybe it is also a visual bug, as it clearly isn’t fixed yet…  :rolleyes:


I do not think it is visual.  My number of pearls went up by exactly the number or pearls listed.

It isn’t. Just look at the value of the items. I don’t need to look in blacky,
i know beforehand what the pearl value is :grinning: 100k = 72 pearls in event.
For 8 slots …

I have noticed it as well whilst I was opening up uber chests and melting them down.

One particular uber item should be at least 400 pearls, but the exact same one now is only 250 pearls.

Time to send them a complaint!!

probably the uber granny event reducttion kicked in, no?

Umm, no…


That’s what it looks like.



The point was, that it kicked in, even though it wasn’t supposed to. I know that it wasn’t featured in this event and that was the whole point of it

I am seeing the same thing. I just got Dominion of Giants and it shows 364 pearls. One I had before the update shows 588. 

I can hardly load the blacksmith with work. crap
What will happen after the event?

I’m worried that this silence from the devs/mods might mean what it looks like it means…

Lol … i would say they are all watching the update stats… not much else