not connected to the game

Hey guys, 

This should be fixed by now. Can you please confirm if you connect to the game now? If now, please, contact our Customer Support: https://fgurl.net/help_me



Per favore noi dell ANGUILLA ELETTRICA vorremmo ricebere il paladinp turbo pro al posto della torre guarigione tecnici flaregames aiutatevi a risolvere grazie

today i got so many connection lost problem, even in the middle of the raids in war season and they count lost, but that’s okay it’s just a game. But apparently this problem is not from the game itself but from the google, because i have 2 other games art of conquest and idle heroes, and both games also have connection problem for these past 2 or 3 days. Hopefully Dev will contact google about this.

sorry for double post, but it might also cause by fb problem, because my 2 other games also connected to fb, hopefully admin will read this, and tell devs to  contact either fb or google about this, from which the bug is came from. edit : definitely google, because i try rr2 from fb ganeroom interface, and it has no problem