I’very been having alot of problems with the watch video for food feature. I watch the video get the mesage “your reward will be payed shortly” never get it watch movie again and then receive food! Not liking that much. Bug?

Hey royalnoOb,


Yes, this issue is known, and it is mostly due to the modifier for this war season.

The video provides you with the normal food cost, without counting the additional 50%, and if you watch a video again as you can’t start the battle, the video “thinks” you already got enough food.

We are aware of the issue and working on a solution for it, as the videos are provided by third parties.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don’t worry fella no one from Flare is in a hurry to compensate us in any way,as long as they getting the cash from us.This war season was deliberate,Flare knowing full well what this 150% food/ride means. But that wont happen again…

Hey! I think this is FAIR PLAY, since we windows (phone) users don’t even have possibility to watch videos for free food. so in ‘catacomb clash’ everyone else has the same situation Windows (phone) players has always.