Bugged melt pearl time

My black smith skill took 1h30m for 1% of time left to melt 11 pearl. Compared to my blacksmith stat it know it was wrong. Please check. IGN : Soilwk

it have been over 1 hr since i posted and its still melting that 11 pearl item so its not visual bug. I loose a whole day just to get 1 11 pearl item melted da hell


Ok, so it might be a visual bug of my pro item which give ~300 pearl get overlap with the image of the 11 pearl item next. Which is still a bug please fix it.

this bug is there since 2.5.0. Never been fixed. Probably they don’t know how to fix it. this bugs has been mentioned in mutliple reprise again and again. Probably they have prefered let’s the bug in it to be sure no other bugs appear in the game. in video game developer will keep minor bugs. When they try to fix 1 then 1000 others can appear. Specially when the developer don’t know the main source of the problem. In majority developer never touch minor bugs to avoid others bugs appear. You can google it to have more information about this. So its probably the main reason this bug still there